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Affiliate Program Information

Product Description: This guide includes plans and diagrams to building an underground bunker.

Potential Sales: $47 (initial) + upsell 1 ($67 + $27/m), upsell 2 ($47), upsell 3 ($27)

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Main Sales Page: www.familybunkerplans.com
Clickbank Affiliate Link: http://xxxxx.bunkerplan.hop.clickbank.net (replace the x's with your ID)
Product Price: $49.97
$ Payout: $35.25 (-CB Fees)
% Payout: 75% on initial sale plus all upsells. 25% payout on all recurring billing.

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Below are some example keywords to get you started:

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survivalist guide
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Subject:[[firstname]]- Do you care for your family?


Are you the type of person that will do anything to protect your family from danger?

I hope so!

Because a couple of weeks ago my friend John sent me an email about his family bunker plans and I think you’re gonna’ love them!

Basically, John is like me.

He’s a family man that wanted to protect his family.

After receiving some outrages quotes to build an underground bunker he set on his way to build his very own custom bunker that included all his requirements.

>> See Johns bunker plans here <<

The cool thing is, John has gone the extra mile and included high quality 3D diagrams to help you build your own bunker.  His step-by-step plans will completely guide you along the way.

Folks from all parts of the world have put Johns plans to the test and the final conclusion is – “John’s plans are the best bunker plans available. His simple to follow steps and amazing 3D diagrams make the entire process very simple”.

But don’t mess around – Currently John is offering a huge discount for a limited time and I’m not sure how much longer it’s going to be available for.  Take a look at his site to see what the discount is!

So even if you’re not ready right now – I urge you to take action and claim your copy of John’s Family Bunker Plans before the price goes back up.

>> Claim your copy here <<  

Stay safe,


P.S. If the links in this email do not work
please copy and paste the following URL into
your browsers address bar:


Subject: Warning - This can kill you.

If you put a frog in boiling hot water it will jump out as
quick as possible to save its life.

But if you put a frog in cool water and slowly heat it until
its boiling hot, the frog will stay in the water until it’s cooked.

This is exactly what’s happening to every American right now.

You do not know how serious this is and you don’t know
how close we are to total collapse.

And most Americans won’t know until it’s too late, just
like the frog.

And when total collapse does finally hit your town, your family could be in grave danger.  Don’t put your family at risk, do something right now to prepare for the inevitable.

>> Get your family bunker plans here <<

If you truly want to protect yourself and your family, you
absolutely must take action right now.

DO NOT put this off another second.

Get John’s bunker plans right now while he’s offering the big discount.

You get complete step-by-step plans to building an underground bunker plus high quality 3D diagrams to help you along the way!

>> Get your family bunker plans here <<

Stay safe,


P.S. If the links in this email do not work
please copy and paste the following URL into
your browsers address bar:


Subject: Final Warning

This will be your final warning to get your copy of Family Bunker Plans.

>> Claim your copy now <<

Now, it’s all up to you.

You can ignore the warnings, you can get caught in the line of fire or you can do what’s right for you and your family.

It’s your time to stand up, take charge and be the person others will look to for guidance.

Imagine having a professional bunker where you can go when things get bad. 

You will have all of your supplies neatly stored in the bunker.

You will never have to worry about looters, terrorist attacks, or natural disaster like hurricanes.  Imagine that feeling and imagine how impressed your friends will be when your tell them: “I built this myself!”

Having a bunker for your family is the smart thing to do.

>> Claim your copy of John’s DIY bunker plans here <<

Stay safe,


P.S. I won’t warn you again, you must take action now before it’s too late.

P.P.S. If the links in this email do not work
please copy and paste the following URL into
your browsers address bar:

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